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We are looking forward to the cover (and of course the book itself) of the latest title "Kompas" with great anticipation.  Wynand's daughter, Benine du Toit Jansen, is working on it as we speak.  We don't want to reveal too much detail already but we promise, it will be as tasteful as all the previous covers done by her.  Jannie Breedt, who's made a beautiful pen for each of Wynand's books already asked well in advance for the font and picture to start making the "Kompas" pen. Jannie's been generous to us since Wynand started writing.  He gave Wynand a different design pen with the release of each title.  Frances also received a pen with her name and surname on it.  Thank you, Jannie.  We are proud to have them in our collection.  

“For those who had to fight for it, life has a flavour the sheltered would never know”