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Each one of us has plans.  Many of us belong to a Medical Fund, a Hospital plan or some or other precautious in case we fell ill, or get hurt in an accident.  We have car insurance in case we are involved in an accident.  We even buy travel insurance if we have to travel abroad...  Yet, none of us has any plans in a situation where are very existence is being threatened.

South Africa has shown a dramatic decline in lifestyle and quality of life since the ANC came into power in 1994.  We have reached the point where the police and other agencies no longer has the capability to guarantee the safety of its citizens.  The borders of normality has slowly but surely shifted.  Situations and incidents that would have lifted the eyebrows in 1994 will now pass as normal behaviour.  The frog in the slow heating water principal.

All around us we have seen with growing dismay the increase in violence. Car hijacking, break-ins, killing for less than a cellphone, Farm murders, corruption and theft, has become the norm. The new normal.  The rainbow nation is speeding towards a grinding halt where the power network is under constant threat, the state coffers empty and more and more violent protests, the burning of trucks, motors and even buildings.  Anarchy is on our doorstep...

All over Africa we have seen this happened, some of the so-called revolutions many decades ago. But yet, still today, if a white face (racist?) is noticed, there exist a perception that the white man has money. A white person always has money.  The same perception exists in South Africa.  The danger is clear.  Once the goverment controlled companies like Escom, the SABC, the SAA and so many other failed, the eyes will start to turn towards the perception of white people have.  Once Sassa can no longer maintain the welfare program, once the electricity shuts down and food, fuel and medical aid fail to be readily available, anarchy will break out.  But the perception that white people have, will still exist.  They will come for the whites, and take what they want.

Anargy is fast approaching South Africa.  Nothing can prevent this anymore...

What will you, as a white person, do once the masses stormed into the streets destroying and robbing everything?

There are many examples of genocide through the ages, but the most recent once like Rwanda, Portuguese Angola to just name two, resulted in an unknown violent ruthlessness.  It will happen here as well.  Do you have a plan?  Or do you really think that South Africa is above the Rwandan and Angolan and Syrian peoples?  That it will not happen here?

The Suidlander organisation proposes in terms of the Geneve Convention of 1977 that white South Africans should prepare themselves to withdraw from possible conflict areas, not to engage in any fighting but to get away from the turmoil in the cities.  And then assemble in more rural and safer areas.

Once there, this group of refugees may rightfully defend themselves.  Also, the white man's survival depends on numbers, and once they assemble in safer area, in large numbers, they would be able to easily, and lawfully so, defends themselves against anyone who follows the group to cause them harm.

Join the Suidlanders today, to ensure you became part of the only safe solution for white people in the coming, and inevitable, anarchy.  Visit www.suidlanders.co.za

“For those who had to fight for it, life has a flavour the sheltered would never know”