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Die Suidlanders het 'n baie suksesvolle Weerbaarheidskamp aangebied oor Desember 2019.  Dit is baie duidelik dat daar 'n groot behoefte onder burgerlikes bestaan om hulself effektief te kan beskerm en verdedig.


Het die Suidland Noodplanbestuur dit goed gedink om drie verdere Weerbaarheidskampe in 2020 aan te bied :

12 Junie - 25 Junie :  Mans Winterkamp

20 September - 25 September : Dames Lentekamp

4 Desember - 17 Desember : Mans Somerskamp

Belangstellendes kan vir Jan van der Merwe kontak by 067 404 9094 vir meer besonderhede oor waar, drag en aankope van toerusting

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Kompas is die nuutste byvoeging tot die trilogie van Soldaat, Kaplyn en Kompas.  Hierdie nuutste boek in Wynand se Grensoorlog reeks, speel af in die Suid-Afrikaanse Spesiale Magte, of Recces, soos in die volksmond bekend.  Dit beloof weereens om die leser vas te gryp in die swaarkry en vrees van die Recces, en hoe hulle haas elke taak suksesvol kon voltooi ten spyte van uitdagende omstandighede.


Die boek, asook al die ander titels, kan bestel word vanaf Frances by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. teen R320 plus posgeld.

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We are looking forward to the cover (and of course the book itself) of the latest title "Kompas" with great anticipation.  Wynand's daughter, Benine du Toit Jansen, is working on it as we speak.  We don't want to reveal too much detail already but we promise, it will be as tasteful as all the previous covers done by her.  Jannie Breedt, who's made a beautiful pen for each of Wynand's books already asked well in advance for the font and picture to start making the "Kompas" pen. Jannie's been generous to us since Wynand started writing.  He gave Wynand a different design pen with the release of each title.  Frances also received a pen with her name and surname on it.  Thank you, Jannie.  We are proud to have them in our collection.  

Copied ( without prejudice)

Yesterday Megan Cremer's body was found dumped in a sand mine at Phillippi, an area with smallholdings and farming operations in Cape Town. She had a rope wound around her neck. Wether this was the cause of her death remains to be seen. Three men have been arrested as they were caught driving her car in Wynberg, an adjacent suburb to where I until recently had a house.

I sold my house when my own neighbor was murdered, brutally sliced up and bleeding to death ten meters from the house where my elderly mother was sleeping until that is, she was awoken at 2.47am by the blood curdling screams of my neighbors terrified wife and child as they fled the murder scene.

The morning after the attack the police were there and I watched them milling apathetically around, files in hand while their white and yellow tape fluttered pointlessly in the breeze. Life carried on. In the days after the murder of my neighbor I thought about it all and rationalised - and found that it was time to go. So I did. I put the house on the market, sold it, packed up my belongings, sent them all to storage and kenneled the cats until I could move them too. My son has also thankfully recently moved with his wife to London where he is carrying on with his life out of the danger so many South Africans are presently facing. When I write of danger it is an informed use of the word.

Let me detail what it means, from personal experience. I have lost a family member to murder - a violent home invasion where my aunt was kicked into a coma in which she lingered wholly dependent on others for her most basic needs for six years before dying.

A good family friend was shot on his smallholding outside Cape Town, succumbing to his wounds in the ambulance on his way to hospital.

An ex girl-friend was raped, stabbed to death and then set alight and burned beyond recognition along with her apartment and everything in it including her cat.

A colleague of mine was tied up, tortured and then stabbed to death on the vacant ground at District Six, Cape Town.

Another friend was abducted, forced to hand over his pin codes to his cash card and then presumably also murdered. No one ever saw him again.

That's five (5) people. There are others that I know of, other people on the peripheries of my acquaintance also gone, violently killed and in none of these instances has anyone ever been brought before a court of law. Not one.

Since 1994, the year South Africa was supposed to have achieved 'Liberation', ostensibly for all it's people, five hundred thousand people (500 000) have been murdered. Research that unbelievable sum yourself - don't take my word for it.

That's half a million people. Murdered. Gone. Ripped from this life. Think about that for a moment.

I myself was stabbed through my arm in a hijacking attempt one night as I drove through Wynberg, Cape Town. I had my weapon at hand, as I did for over twenty years and was able to get off a few shots, winging an attacker who left a gratifying splatter on the back of my car.

Fuck him - I hope it hurt as much as the knife wound, nerve damage and associated pain I have felt over the years.

There are over fifty-seven (57) murders in South Africa every day.

In Cape Town alone last weekend there was cause for some celebration. Due to troops on the streets the murder rate was forty-one (41) deaths, an improvement on the sixty-three (63) murders for the weekend before that. Crack open the champagne.

All of this carries on, unabated, unchecked and encouraged by leaders and politicians in South Africa today.

This brings me to the point of this post and its not pretty. War never is.

This is what it comes down to and I'm deeply saddened by the realisation.

The deeply compromised ANC along with its allies in the EFF and other criminal racists are driving an assymetric pattern of attacks against minorities in South Africa. This is done as a cynical addendum to the shattering crime and murder rate. Today they use the tried and tested methods exercised so tellingly during their so-called 'Struggle' period - insurgency, hit and run, intimidation, degradation and attrition. The transport infrastructure is regularly attacked with denial of services in mind. Public transport is not safe and neither are the roads. Cash in transport vehicles are attacked regularly. Shopping malls are raided for high end goods, including jewelry. There are riots in which whole towns are ravaged. And the Murders, the deliberate, coordinated and politically motivated Farm Attacks and the ongoing encouragement to violence by rabid populist psychopaths who today sit abusively sniggering in the Houses of South Africa's Parliament.

This cannot continue and I don't believe it will be allowed to. It is time to fight back.

So don't be surprised when you read of, or see on TV or have your fancy-pants holiday to SA disturbed by a murderous mob in the brutal ugly flowering of the latest undeclared assymetric conflict - the burgeoning civil war in South Africa.

Trust me on this - it is coming and it is a battle now gladly joined by myself certainly and many other like minded freedom loving South Africans. I will do what I can from where I am with the intent on stopping these vile criminal swine in their tracks. 'No Paseran!'

Those who know me will understand that I have always been for peace and understanding. I have made personal sacrifices for the assumed 'Greater good of all the people of South Africa' and those offerings and thousands of others have been pissed on, disrespected and abused by the obviously criminal ANC and their gangster cohorts of violently hegemonic fellow travellers.

Enough is enough. To arms.

Protesters are blocking off most parts in the city of Cape town today. Why?  They are protesting the free housing scheme...

As I listened to the radio this morning I heard one protester said that he has been waiting for 29 years for his free house...  I am now 61 years of age and have never received a free house. On the contrary, I trying my very best to buy a house one day ...  But my hopes are beginning to dwindle and I am starting to accept the fact that I will never own a house...

What idiots offered people free housing? And that in a country that can hardly afford to keep services going?  It was the ANC of course.  Yet, when protesters took to the streets, they very seldomly target the wealthy black elite, which of course, is the ANC government.  It is the very few, and only Tax contributers, the white people and their businesses which is being targeted. To what end?

It is obvious that it is all about the white people, how to get rid of them and their businesses, how to take whatever belongs to white people for themselves.  The perception that all white people are rich, and all have houses and cars, is something that no one will ever get out of their heads.  It is simply a fact that the only people willing to "work" in South Africa, is the minority of white people.  Soon, everybody will have everything, and nobody will have anything at all. Hunger, poverty and anarchy will be the order of the day.  Will the "sane" countries again help out? With millions of dollars? Again disappearing into the pockets of the selected few?

Only time would learn ...  Like they are begging for aid once again in Zimbabwe, after they destroyed everything ...

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Each one of us has plans.  Many of us belong to a Medical Fund, a Hospital plan or some or other precautious in case we fell ill, or get hurt in an accident.  We have car insurance in case we are involved in an accident.  We even buy travel insurance if we have to travel abroad...  Yet, none of us has any plans in a situation where are very existence is being threatened.

South Africa has shown a dramatic decline in lifestyle and quality of life since the ANC came into power in 1994.  We have reached the point where the police and other agencies no longer has the capability to guarantee the safety of its citizens.  The borders of normality has slowly but surely shifted.  Situations and incidents that would have lifted the eyebrows in 1994 will now pass as normal behaviour.  The frog in the slow heating water principal.

All around us we have seen with growing dismay the increase in violence. Car hijacking, break-ins, killing for less than a cellphone, Farm murders, corruption and theft, has become the norm. The new normal.  The rainbow nation is speeding towards a grinding halt where the power network is under constant threat, the state coffers empty and more and more violent protests, the burning of trucks, motors and even buildings.  Anarchy is on our doorstep...

All over Africa we have seen this happened, some of the so-called revolutions many decades ago. But yet, still today, if a white face (racist?) is noticed, there exist a perception that the white man has money. A white person always has money.  The same perception exists in South Africa.  The danger is clear.  Once the goverment controlled companies like Escom, the SABC, the SAA and so many other failed, the eyes will start to turn towards the perception of white people have.  Once Sassa can no longer maintain the welfare program, once the electricity shuts down and food, fuel and medical aid fail to be readily available, anarchy will break out.  But the perception that white people have, will still exist.  They will come for the whites, and take what they want.

Anargy is fast approaching South Africa.  Nothing can prevent this anymore...

What will you, as a white person, do once the masses stormed into the streets destroying and robbing everything?

There are many examples of genocide through the ages, but the most recent once like Rwanda, Portuguese Angola to just name two, resulted in an unknown violent ruthlessness.  It will happen here as well.  Do you have a plan?  Or do you really think that South Africa is above the Rwandan and Angolan and Syrian peoples?  That it will not happen here?

The Suidlander organisation proposes in terms of the Geneve Convention of 1977 that white South Africans should prepare themselves to withdraw from possible conflict areas, not to engage in any fighting but to get away from the turmoil in the cities.  And then assemble in more rural and safer areas.

Once there, this group of refugees may rightfully defend themselves.  Also, the white man's survival depends on numbers, and once they assemble in safer area, in large numbers, they would be able to easily, and lawfully so, defends themselves against anyone who follows the group to cause them harm.

Join the Suidlanders today, to ensure you became part of the only safe solution for white people in the coming, and inevitable, anarchy.  Visit www.suidlanders.co.za

Kaplyn Cover                                                                                                                                                                

                        Wynand se nuutste boek, Kaplyn, is nou beskikbaar in boekwinkels landwyd.  Hierdie boek, die tweede in sy trilogie van die Grensoorlog, volg op die sukses van die topverkoper Soldaat.  Dit beloof eweneens om die harde realisme rondom die bosoorlog te weerspieël waar die uithou en aanhou van die jong soldate tot die uiterste beproef was.

Die boek is 'n realistiese weergawe van hoe negentig persent van alle blanke Suid-Afrikaners die oorlog gesien, beskou en ervaar het.  Dit is wêrelde verwyder van die verwronge liberale beeld wat so dikwels geskep word om dit wat goed, effektief en reg was, af te breek en te verkleineer.

Elke oud-soldaat sal trots wees om die gebeure te herleef, en die wat nie daar was nie, sal strewe na die effektiwiteit van die ou Suid-Afrikaanse Weermag en dit wat vermag is, en van dit wat was.

Die boek het 'n taal-ouderdomsperk van 18, en word nie vir die liberale denkers en ontduikers aanbeveel nie.

Die boeke kan bestel word by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. of This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. en is beskikbaar by alle groot boekwinkels in Suid-Afrika en Namibië

Kaplyn,  ISBN 9781928499596

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Klippie du Toit, son of author Wynand du Toit, and Christiaan Herbst took Wynand du Toit Books to a new height by "Living the Adventure" by climbing Kilimanjaro succesfully during December 2018.

"It was one of my toughest endevours," he said after retiring from the peak.  "But maybe, just maybe, we'll do it again if and when author Wynand du Toit would join them on the five day climb.

Of course, the author was unavailable for comments...


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This years tours, speeches and book launches will kick of early in February.  And from then onwards we got a very busy schedule.  This includes visits to Cape Town, Heidelberg, Vereeniging, Welkom and Hartenbos for February.  Our March program also includes a tour to Namibia. 

This year I shall focus on operational stories interlinked with certain incidents from my incarceration during the Border War in Angola, with the final result a speech that will definitely motivate even harshest critic and pessimist.

Stay tuned to the EVENTS page to see where and when I will be in your area!!  Do not miss!!

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'n Voorspoedige 2019 aan al my vriende!

Die jaar beloof om een van die grotes te wees, ook 'n jaar waarin ek graag meer op die "Soldaat-reeks" boeke wil fokus met twee nuwe boeke in die vooruitsig.  "Parabat," wat die wenspannetjie van Christo Koch deur hul passies neem as Suid-Afrikaanse valskermsoldate, sal hopelik tydens die Militere Fees van 1 Mei by die Voortrekkermonument bekendgestel word.  "Drywer," wat fokus op 'n kombinasie van aktiwiteite van die amperse vergete helde agter die skerms wat soms ondersteuning oor langafstande moes doen.  Wilfred Wiese, die drywer in die openingsboek "Soldaat," sal hier die voorvat man wees wat ons op die lang paaie neem.

Dit is ook 'n jaar waar ons weer Namibie tydens die Maart skoolvakansie sal besoek.  Gedurende Junie/Julie besoek ons die Nederlande en hopelik die Verenigde Koninkryk ook.  Ek beoog om funksies aan te bied in beide lande en baie hiervan sal afhang van die samewerking van die SA Legioen.

In Oktober sal ons ou vriend en kameraad, Basil Duke-Norris ons weer deur die passies neem in die Verre Noorde van die land met die fokus meer op die Westelike dele.  Natuurlik sal ek by die meeste Militere Feeste wees soos by die Voortrekkermonument, die Arms Fair in Johannesburg asook by die Veterans Fair by Dicky Fritz shellhole in Edenvale.

Ons besoek ook die Kalahari, die Noordkaap, en Vrystaat, om nie van die Pretoria omgewing te vergeet nie.  Die Kaap is weereens traag soos altyd om met enige reelings vorendag te kom, maar dan, ons kan hulle vergewe as die tuiste van die Stormers.

Ons jaarlikse funksies soos die Ford Mosselbaai sangopvoering, en die Bier en Spit met Wynand, sal onderskeidelik op 13 Desember en 28 Desember 2019 plaasvind.

Mag almal 'n wonderlike jaar beleef, en ek glo ek sal elkeen van julle erens deur die loop van die jaar te siene kry. 


“For those who had to fight for it, life has a flavour the sheltered would never know”